Monday, October 20, 2008

BIG Plans

Start spreadin' the news! I'm leavin'... well, tomorrow.

Up until four years ago I had only been on an airplane twice in my life: once that I couldn't remember (when I was young) and once for my honeymoon. I always wanted to travel but really never thought I would actually be able to do it. There are still many places I want to go! I have been amazed at how many trips we have been able to take recently, especially those that have seemed to come out of nowhere and land right in our laps.

This week my sister-in-law (and dear friend) is going to New York City for a work conference. She invited us to tag along, and for the past few days we have been scrambling to make plans for all the exciting stuff we want to see. We are really looking forward to it! It will be a first for all three of us. We only have until Friday, so we'll be home before we know it but we are so grateful for the opportunity to go. I can't wait to share some pictures with you!

Hope you all have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that sounds awesome, have a fantastic time.
Can't wait to see the pics!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Have a great time in the Big Apple!!! **HUGS**

andrea_jennine said...

Oooh, I've just been thinking recently how much I would like to visit NYC sometime soon!

Sunny said...

I L-O-V-E NYC! It is one of my favorite places and I've only been once. Make sure you see the Museam of Natural History. There is some amazing stuff in there (disregard the evolution explanations however.) Hope you all have a great time!

Andrea said...

Have fun!!

Connie said...

Have a great time and come home safe and sound. Don't forget to call me and send postcards. Love you!

Amy said...

You are so lucky! My husband and I went to NYC last summer when he won a "WWE's Biggest Fan" contest...yeah, no joke. It was so fun and I just keep wanting to go back!
I hope you have a great time! Take lots of pictures!