Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello friends! Since I have so many different updates for this week, I thought I'd give them to you in bullet points so I can keep them all nice and orderly. Can you tell I like lists? :)
Here goes!

  • First, we had a great week with our oldest nephew, A, last week! At nine years old he is getting so big and far more independent. On his first night here he declared that he would be fine sleeping by himself in the guest room. His younger brother preferred to sleep in our bedroom in a sleeping bag the week before. I have to admit I was a little sad, but each night he did ask me to lie down with him until he was asleep! He is still my little cuddle-bug, thankfully. We are so happy that we were able to spend time with both of them individually this summer before we have a brand new baby in the house. It was a real treat for this aunt and uncle.

  • This week I've been working very hard to get caught up with writing thank-you notes. I'm completely caught up, which is such a good feeling! I'm guessing I've written over a hundred already. My goal was to get them done before we have our fourth and final shower coming up next weekend and then I'll start all over again. This one will be local with many of our friends from church and some family. I'm looking forward to it! We are so, so thankful for the generosity and support.

  • My mom is finally doing better after her back surgery two weeks ago. She did have some setbacks and had to stay in the hospital for much longer than expected. The surgery went well and her back is feeling great, but she continued to have severe pain in her leg. My mom is very, very tough, so we knew that it must be hurting her terribly. We were afraid she would have to have a second surgery, but they eventually diagnosed her with bursitis in her hip and continued to treat it with pain medication and cortizone injections. She was finally able to take walks up and down the hallway and practice building up some strength in her legs. She has been home from the hospital for two days now and is doing pretty well. She still has lots of healing and resting to do, which I know is a challenge for her since she stays so busy. She may still require another procedure in the future but for now we are just waiting. Thanks for the prayers for her! Please continue to pray for her recovery, and especially that she will be okay to come visit baby Lily in mid-September!

  • Over the past couple of weeks Chuck and I have been gradually working on the nursery and I'm so happy to say that it is almost finished! I hope to get some pictures posted here to share with you in the next week or so. Just a few days ago we worked on hanging things on the walls, and even now while I write this I have the washer and dryer going with loads of her 6-9 month clothes. I'd already cut tags off of and laundered most of her 0-6 month things and they are nestled sweetly in drawers in her room. Doing all of this brings me so much joy as I think about how much closer we are to finally bringing a baby home. Sometimes I go in her room and look around just to take it all in and thank the Lord for answering this prayer.

  • We have about 7 more weeks to go (just about 50 more days!) until Lily's arrival. We are still counting down to the goal of a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks. At my last OB appointment things were still going well. My blood pressure was nice and low and the baby seemed to be measuring on target. So far I've gained a little more than 30 pounds total with the pregnancy. I actually feel pretty good about that number and am not at all embarrassed to share it with you. Hopefully it will make some of you feel better if, like me, you grow tired of reading about people who gain all of 2 pounds in 40 weeks! :) I'm also covered in stretch marks and I don't mind one bit.

  • Besides getting Lily's clothes washed and her room ready, the times I've been enjoying most this week especially are late at night when she gets very active. I've been having trouble sleeping lately (not necessarily because she's active but because it's getting hard to get comfortable in the bed) and I'm realizing how much I thoroughly enjoy those quiet moments with my sweet little girl. Feeling her kick and watching her roll around in my belly are things that I will greatly miss about this stage of pregnancy. Not to sound pessimistic at all, but I have no idea whether this will be my only opportunity to experience this. I don't want to take a single moment for granted.

As I'm sure you can imagine, spending two weeks with our nephews, checking up on my mom, working on the nursery, and other regular chores around the house have kept us very busy this month! It has gone by so quickly and now the calendar is mostly empty while we wait for September. I have so much reading to do to get caught up with you and your blogs! I have browsed through my feedreader and kept up with most things, but I'm looking forward to really getting back in touch in the next few days. Hoping you are all doing well. I haven't forgotten to keep you in my prayers!
Thanks for reading.


Birdie said...

It's good to hear your update! I was wondering about you since you hadn't updated in a while. I'm so glad that you're doing well!!

Amazing Life said...

I was thinking about you earlier today!! I am so glad you updated us!!

These update are great, I can't wait to pictures of the nursery! I am so glad your mom is doing better, I know how concerned you have been these last few weeks.

Amy said...

Good updates! I love hearing about your bouncy, moving tummy. I loved that, even when you were so tired and uncomfortable, and you will miss it (even though holding her in your arms is still better).
And let's hear it for stretch marks! I have plenty. They are annoyingly beautiful. :)

Connie said...

A and N had such a great time with you and Uncle! You guys are the best. I am sure they will remember and cherish that time they had with you both forever. XOXO

Ro-bear said...

Glad to hear that you are still doing well and that your mom is doing better.

twondra said...

So glad to hear the updates! I'm so glad your mom is doing better! She's definitely in my prayers!

I love hearing about your pregnancy Stacey! I live through you and if I never get to experience it, it brings me so much joy that you do sweetie. :)


twondra said...

Oh, I also wanted to say that I LOVE your relationship with your nephew and I can soooo relate. :) Peyton used to sleep on the floor in our room and now she's "okay" sleeping on the couch and it breaks my heart! They grow up waaaay too fast. :(

Alicia said...

This is great news that every thing is going really well! Lily will be such a cutie and have wonderful parets taboot! Enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.

PFM said...

Such exciting times! 4 showers! wow. you deserve it!

Sunny said...

Stacey, I sit in awe and wonder at the goodness of our God. With tears flowing from my eyes, I think of you and just praise the Father for his blessing of Lily. I can completely get how you would revel in the movements in your belly and those intimate moments that are something you and she are experiencing just the two of you. It's wondrous!!!! Thinking back on the months past of how we just prayed for each week and then here you are at 32wks already - my how time has flown! I love you, friend. Even though we have never met, my heart is connected to yours and yours to mine. You are precious to me and I love seeing this blessing unfold for you.

And I can't wait to see her nursery!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

I was missing you. Thanks for the post. :)

Jo said...

Hi Stacey, it sounds like you are having a great time lately and things are all going well. My favourite part of being pregnant was definitely getting the nursery organised so I am thrilled to hear you writing about enjoying that special experience. May you continue to have such a lovely time as you come up to the arrival of your girl xoxoxo PS glad your mum is doing better :)

Jennifer said...

Yea for only 7 more weeks! That's awesome! I've been bad about commenting this summer, but I've been keeping up with you! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery. I'm sure it looks amazing.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Hopping on over from the Ewings blog..just wanted to say congrats on Lily..a long awaited miracle!