Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Happenings

It feels like there are several things to update about on the blog this week. I'll try to keep my thoughts straight and do it in an orderly fashion!

Extreme Makeover Update:
(If you missed the first post about this, you can find it HERE.)
Thanks for all of your great comments about this sweet family's home makeover! Chuck and I got up early on Thursday to go out to the spectator area and get a good spot for reveal day. Fortunately we don't live far away, and we were able to park at our church nearby and walk rather than taking the shuttles that were provided. We were the first ones out there at 7:45 AM. We had a great viewing place right at the front of the barricade. It was really fun to be out there all day and watch the final touches going on the house!

We even got several glimpses of the design team throughout the day.


(Paul, who actually came over to say hi to the crowd!)

Chuck and I literally stood in the same spot all day long, until about 5:00 PM. I'm telling you, we didn't even take a bathroom break! Fortunately we had thought to pack a lunch. It got a little rough, I have to say, because it was chilly outside that day AND it was raining off and on all day. But we were so glad to be able to be there. By the time the family came home, our view was obstructed by a few rows of volunteers and VIPs that were lined up in front of the barricade, but we could still see a little of what was going on. The family looked so excited, and of course that was the best part! The show is expected to air in March. I'll let you know when to watch! We have heard that it will be a 2-hour episode. We can't wait to see how it will all come together.

(This is the only shot I got of Ty. It was just before we yelled "Move that bus!")

Birthday Month:
Although my birthday is almost a week away, several members of my family came to stay with us this past weekend to celebrate with us a little early. Doesn't that make it more fun when you can stretch it out like that? We had a great time and were grateful for the long holiday weekend. Friday night we celebrated my birthday and my oldest nephew's birthday together. I love sharing a birthday month with my sweet little guy! He turned 9 last week, which is so hard for me to believe.

Saturday evening we went to Benihana for a wonderful dinner. We met Chuck's sister and her roommate there as well, and it was great fun. I love that place! (By the way, if you like Benihana, go to their website and register and you can get a coupon to use during your birthday month. It covers your meal up to $30! They will also sing you a little birthday song and take a photo of your group as a keepsake.) :o)
There are still a few fun birthday things planned for the month. This Friday I'm looking forward to spending the day with my best friend since kindergarten. She moved to Texas (about 30 minutes away from me) last year. We have plans to work on scrapbooks during the day and then go out to dinner. I can't wait!

Cycle News:
Today is CD 30, which means that I'll be testing in the next day or two and most likely starting a new cycle before the end of the week. I'm still holding onto a small sliver of hope that we may have a positive test this time, but I'm definitely ready to move ahead if not.

It has been a busy month for us so far, but definitely fun and memorable overall! Hope you're all doing well. I'm working on getting caught up with reading your blogs!


Sharon said...

Definitley sounds like a busy month! I'm really hoping for a BFP for you Stacey!!! It would be wonderful in your birthday month!

Amy said...

Happy early birthday, friend! I'm excited that you have gotten to do fun things this month with fun people. I'm surprised you are on day 30 already...this month has flown by. Just said a prayer for you and whatever is ahead in the next few days.

Baby On Mind said...

Happy Early Birthday! And I do love Benihana too. We went there for DH's grandma's 90th birhtday. We got the $30 free meal for her too. It was a blast.

A said...

Thanks for posting those pictures!! What a neat thing to be a part of :) Happy early birthday! Keep us posted how the testing goes- I'm right there with you- praying for positives for both of us!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Saying a prayer for you right now.

Love the January updates. We celebrate a birth month too -- or at least hubby does.


Jenn said...

Very busy month! Sounds like fun. Keep up the great faith and attitude! Happy Birthday!

twondra said...

Very busy month. :) Wow!

I'm soooo excited to see the Extreme Home Makeover! I can't believe I've been there where they were! That's cool! Hopefully there will be some glimpse of you, too. :) :)

Oooh, I'm sooo hoping for this month girl! I'll definitely be praying!!! (((HUGS))

Michelle said...

That is so cool that you got to be there. I just love Ty!!!

Happy early birthday Sounds like you have fun things to do!

Andrea said...

How amazing that you were able to be a part of another's dream being realized. We take comforts of our own homes for granted sometimes. I do love that show and always cry for the recipients.

Best of luck in your new cycle...we could be cycle buddies! I'm on CD8 and like you I'm not getting my hopes up, just taking things one day at a time.

Sending lots of love your way and Happy Birthday!


Alicia said...

What a great thing to have happen to some good folks who deserve it!

Happy birth day month and thank you for the tip on Benihana! Mmmmm!

I'm hoping for that BFP but I'm glad that you're ready to move on if not :)

Connie said...

Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Keep the faith!

Love the pic of you and "A". He had so much fun!

Jenileigh said...

Happy Birthday! Big hugs, and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Praying for that positive!

Indy said...

Happy early birthday! Thanks for that tip...I just signed up for the Benihana birthday "Chef's Table" birthday is next month. ;)