Monday, August 25, 2008

In Other News

Today I'm going to try something new. Since I started this blog a few months back, I've mostly written about some pretty broad topics like feelings associated with infertility and pregnancy loss, friendship, and the head-spinning speed at which time passes. All of these subjects are discussed here under the umbrella of infertility. Whether I like it or not (and I don't), infertility is a part of my life. It's the reason I started blogging in the first place. I don't, however, want to be associated with just this one thing.

Do you know anyone who talks about just one thing every time you see them? If so, does it bug you? I know there are certain friends of mine who also follow the NBA, so when I see them we talk about it some. It's something we have in common, so that's understandable. Certainly we can also have conversations with friends about things we don't have in common. That's what makes life interesting. But let's just say, for example, that I love pizza (which is true!). Let's say I love it so much that it's all I can talk about. I don't care if you hate it and the very idea of it makes you want to run for the hills. I'm going to talk about its cheesy goodness every time I see you. Sometimes I like thick crust, sometimes thin. I like pepperoni. But oh, the mushrooms. I love mushrooms! I know we talked about pizza for 5 hours the last time I saw you, but let's spend some more time talking about how yummy it is. That would get kinda old, right?

I don't want to be this person, about infertility or pizza or anything else! So I've decided to add a new feature to this blog called In Other News. I still write this blog because of infertility, and it is helping me sort out my feelings in a major way. Your comments encourage me beyond words! But of course there's much more to me (and you) besides the problems we face. Every so often, let's chat about something that's not infertility. I love movies, TV, books, and music, so I'm sure those topics will be popping up here and there. Life isn't always exciting here in my bubble, but I'll try to find some interesting things to talk about that are just a part of everyday life.

So, here's what's going on in my life In Other News at the end of August:
  • I just got shipping confirmation on my copy of Prison Break, Season 3. That means soon I can clear off about 11 hours from my DVR and get ready to start watching the new season. On September 1, I'll be on the couch catching up with Michael Scofield and company. I can't wait! I'm also excited about the new season of The Office, starting September 25.
  • My husband and I just joined Netflix earlier this month and are enjoying having a steady stream of DVDs to watch. I'm sure I'll log way too many hours of couch potato time but I'm not too concerned about it. As long as my house is clean and I have some semblance of a social life, I'm ok with that.
  • I haven't had a haircut in over 5 months. I don't know why the only times I remember to call and schedule one it's always on a Monday when they're closed. My hair has grown quite long, which doesn't go well with summertime in Texas. Hopefully soon I'll lose about 3-4 inches.
  • I am currently addicted to the Veggie Sammies from Quizno's. Lettuce, tomato, mushrooms (yeah!), cheese, black olives, guacamole, and red wine vinaigrette on toasted flatbread. I like to hold the onions and add pickles. Make it a combo with two of these, chips, and a Dr Pepper and now you've got something. Yum.
  • Last night I started reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I'm not usually all about vampire books but I do like a good young adult series now and again. After reading some good reviews lately about this series and hearing a few friends recommend it, I've decided to give it a try. Thanks, Emily for your own thoughts on this!

One more thing in other news: if you wouldn't mind, please pray for my friend John. He's going through a hard time right now as a newly-single father with two young daughters. They need lots of prayer and support. Thanks!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I like the "in other news". I struggle with talking just about IF or about our dog - my furbaby. I think those 2 things define me. Netflicks is great. Love watching some of their online movies too.
Be praying for John.

Connie said...

I missed it, what is wrong with talking about mushrooms everytime I see you? :)

Emily said...

I hope you enjoy Twilight! I just started the second book in that series. I look forward to reading your "in other news" posts, as well as your continued thoughts on infertility and related subjects.

In regards to "other news," (since you mentioned Prison Break here), I responded to your question about what I have against Prison Break over on my post about The Dark Knight.

kirke said...

I like the in other news. I agree. I just can't always talk about infertility. Well, blogging helps me get my feelings about IF out, IF doesn't define me. We're not just one thing :)

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am looking forward to catching up on your blog.

Andrea said...

It's great that you are blogging about your personal life outside of infertility. I love getting to know people so I enjoy it when bloggers post about a variety of activities and likes/dislikes they have.

I hope you are enjoying Twilight! I love the series and I'm sad it's over, but now I'm looking forward to the movie.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Stacey, yes, infertility is part of who we are, but its not ALL we are. Its important to find balance.

Andi said...

In other news, I have a date this week. Yes, sadly, this IS news.

Stacey said...

Thanks all of you for the feedback about In Other News. As great as it is to have a place to pour out all those thoughts about infertility, it's refreshing to talk about other stuff now and then!

My little update is that I stayed up until 2 am reading Twilight last night. I'm on Chapter 11 and loving it. I think I now know why girls everywhere are in love with Edward Cullen!

Thanks, kirke and sharonvw for commenting for the first time. I'm enjoying reading your blogs!

Andi, you know I'll need a full report about that date! :)

bonjovijennie said...

i am about to start Twilight myself!! I am so excited you are reading it! we can designate tuesdays as our "prison break, twilight" conversation time. if you dont mind talking about the sames things at least once a week with me : )

and in other words....i am going to wear my grandmother's pearl necklace as a bracelet tonight.

Connie said...

Speaking of mushrooms...I was thinking about your hubby's grilled portobello's today! YUMMY!! Next time we come I will require some...and Double Dave's Pizza Rolls! :)

katdish said...

Oh! I LOVE The Office! My husband doesn't get it, so I tivo it and watch it later.

Did you see "the dinner party" episode? Never before has a tv show has ever made me feel embarrassed for the characters to the point of being physically uncomfortable just by watching it.

I read all the Harry Potter books. I started reading them because my son wanted to read them and I wanted to make sure they were okay. By the second book I was hooked. I'm curious about Twilight because of all the twilight flair on Facebook.

Okay, now I'm just rambling...

Have a great day!