Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Other News

The last two posts have been particularly emotional for me to write. I thought today we could have a break from the heavy stuff and only talk about some lighter things, shall we? I need to update you on a couple of random things anyway, so this will be a catch-all kind of a post.

First, if you've been reading for a while then you know that my kitchen is being remodeled. I am so happy to report that this week we had the tile backsplash installed and grouted. The grout just got done today, so it isn't even dry yet. We still need the cabinet guys to come out one more time to install the one unit that was the wrong size and complete all of the trim. We are finally getting closer and I couldn't be more ready. I'm hoping that we will be moving in appliances as early as next week! We actually can't wait to get in there and cook some meals again. I promise to post some before and after pics once the whole thing is done.

I've been slowly working on my reading list for the year. I wish I already had a few crossed off of the list, but having Brisingr as my first book has slowed me down. My brother loves the Eragon series. I borrow his when he is done with them and he has been dying for me to finish this one. Normally it wouldn't take me a very long time to read a book (even one that has 748 pages like this one does). I'm about half way through it right now and not moving very quickly. I think that's mostly due to the amount of time I've spent blogging lately. As with any hobbies, spending a lot of time on one takes time away from the others! I'm very sad that I haven't worked on my scrapbooks for months. Unfortunately, my workspace is currently crammed with all of the stuff that belongs in our kitchen cabinets. I'm telling you, I can't wait to get that project finished!

Lately I'm excited about having my DVR filled with the return of some of my favorite TV shows. I haven't yet watched the premiere of 24 but I'm eager to get to it. (Emily, I've been avoiding your blog after I saw the title of your last post! Hope I can get caught up soon.) I did start watching American Idol auditions last night, with a mixture of curiosity and embarrassment as always. Pretty soon it will be time for a new season of Lost as well. Oh boy!

Finally, remember the post about my January Girl figurine? I'd found December and August on the internet and they were delivered this week. Aren't they cute all together?

I'm not a huge collector of nicknacks, in fact the only other collections I have besides DVDs and books are postcards, which I keep filed away in albums. I don't like having a lot of miscellaneous stuff around to dust, and besides, my shelves are already full of photographs. Searching for the other figurines in this set, though, has become a fun little challenge for me. I hope I'll be able to find the other nine someday.

Ok, one last thing. Shoot, I wasn't going to mention infertility this time but it always seems to come up these days. Oh well. After Christmas, Chuck and I were talking about saving up our money to buy the camera he's been talking about for years. We had a pretty nice start with some Christmas money we'd received and we were ready to start putting some more into savings for the camera. I swear this never happens to us, but last week he decided to check in our hiding place where we keep important documents and such things and occasionally some extra cash. Much to his surprise, he discovered that we had more cash in there than we realized! Holy cow, it was just enough to cover the new camera! What's that got to do with IF? Well, some of that money I remember us putting away two Christmases ago (when we were pregnant) for a baby bed. You know, I'm not giving up hope on a pregnancy ever happening, but we both just felt good about taking that money out and using it on something we can enjoy today! The UPS guy just delivered the new camera a few hours ago and I know Chuck can't wait to get home from work and play with it. He loves taking pics and I love to scrapbook them, so we are both thrilled with the new purchase. We'll be trying it out this weekend when we go to Louisiana for our nephew's birthday party.

So, how about you? What are your hobbies? Are you reading a good book right now? Do you have any unique collections? What are you watching on TV these days? Let's chat.


Connie said...

Just wanted you to know I think you're awesome!

I am lovin' me some "24" this season and "Monk" and "Psych". We finished "Edward Tulane" and started "The Tiger Rising" at school. I'm so glad you told me about Kate DiCamillo! She's great!

Life In Mazes said...

I really like the camera. You will have a great time taking pictures with it. I can imagine that there were mixed emotions in finding that extra cash. So glad you are going to be in LA. I am not sure which part of LA you are going to, but if you need so suggestions on where to go for some natural shots, let me know. There is a state park near my job that I could tell you about. You will have the best camera at the birthday party, so take lots of pictures you can share!

garlands said...

HOBBIES: sewing, scrapbooking, constantly re-doing the interior of my house, organizing

BOOKS: right now i'm in the middle of a trashy series by Janet Evanovich. next on my list is the "twilight" series. i'm kind slowed down by bible studies.

COLLECTIONS: bentley snowflakes, reed and barton crosses

TV SHOWS: the bachelor, NCIS, the unit, lipstick jungle, american idol, top chef, real housewives, ugly betty, the office, grey's anatomy, mentalist, biggest loser, chuck, and life. can you tell i like tV?! :)

are you sorry you asked? :) love the new camera. taking pictures will be a new addiction. can't wait to see some pics. from this coming weekend.

Stacey said...

Connie - thanks! You're pretty awesome yourself. :)

Life in Mazes - I'm a Louisiana girl myself! I've been living in Texas for about 8 years now but LA is my home and we go there a lot to see family (in SW LA). Email me sometime and we'll talk towns!

G - You are cracking me up tonight. That's quite a collection of books, my friend. You need to give up that JE series and move on to Twilight in my opinion! LOL! :)

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

So, with that nifty new camera we're getting pictures of this lovely new kitchen, right?? :)

TV isn't something I watch much of late. The past several months about all I've seen are football games and the occasional newscast.

We do watch some movies, though. This past week we got Enchanted out of the library, so I've been spending massive amounts of time in Andalasia with my daughter.

Hobbies? Reading, writing, 'rithmatic ... oh, wait, that's a different list :) ... crocheting, internetting, cooking, designing, swimming, singing.

Those are probably enough to admit to, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey, yup it seems to have been a pretty heavy week all round!

My hobbies are BLOGGING hehehe! Reading, although I don't spend enough time on that. Cooking but with my current IVF prep I'm trying to be careful on that front too.

Andi said...

Why, Stace, did you just write a "random" blog??? :-)

Glad to know you're a LOST fan - it's the one show I can't miss. In fact, for some reason, I thought the premiere was last night - I was so disappointed.

G - I read one JE book on vacation this summer.

Hear My Cry said...

Well, I'm trying to finish a quilt that I sort of shelved over the holidays. I'm not reading anything right now, which is unusual, well nothing for me. I've been looking for a good book. I want to read "Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust" but I haven't ordered it yet.


Jenn said...

One did you take a picture of your new camera...heehee!!!

Stacey said...

I love seeing what keeps you all busy, whether it's books, tv, or scrapbooking (like me) - or things I WISH I could do like quilting & sewing!

Amy - YES! I promise pictures of the new kitchen, hopefully next week!

Andi - I'll admit it was pretty random, but there was not one single musing. :)

Jenn - That's what Google Images is for. LOL!

prayerfuljourney said...

I hope you and your hubby enjoy that camera! I love to take pictures and scrapbook them too however I haven't "scraped" in a long, long time. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am in grad school and whenever I get into scrapbooking, a class starts up and I get busy with that. I have a ton of pictures to put in albums so maybe this summer?

I love reality tv so I watch a lot of Idols, Real Housewives, TLC channel, Discover Health, and I must admit I do watch The Hills and The City on MTV. Gosh....Those women have everything and so much DRAMA! hhmmm....I also like Home and Garden TV. I like watching House Hunters. If we ever decide to move....I'll be looking for Crown Molding and Stainless Steel Appliances (just kidding). I'm sure I'll be a better "hunter" and more knowledgeable. We are not planning on moving anytime soon. We are content with our home in Northern Illinois (even though today we are in a deep freeze! Some place warmer sounds so inviting.). I'll be watching a lot of TV today.
Besides scrapbooking, I like keeping my home organized and clean and when I have time, I go to my friends house who has horses. I have a passion for the animals but can't afford one of my own right now. SO, I'm happy playing with and riding my friends animals.

andrea_jennine said...

We're probably getting a nice new camera soon, too; we always said we would get a DSLR when we had a baby, but it's time to stop postponing the purchase! We've got a stockpile of gift cards to use.

Hobbies: reading, blogging, cooking, piano, puzzles (crossword, etc.), decorating

Currently reading: Coraline, The Hidden Art of Homemaking

No time for TV, and now we don't even own one (ours just broke)!

Abe said...

Oh, Oh, 24 - did someone say 24!! It won't be on TV here in New Zealand for probably at least 12 months! I SOOO envy you! I'll have to try and download the torrents as they become available!


Anonymous said...

My hobby has become bringing home stray projects from the island of misfit toys...It was my resolution to stop doing this, but here we are the third week of January and I already found a project. However, I don't think it really counts, since I will pay someone else to do the work, right? I also like to sing and talk to strangers.