Friday, September 12, 2008

A Post From Away

This is the first time I've posted from someplace other than the comfort of my living room. I wanted to give an update on our situation with Hurricane Ike. We evacuated yesterday and went north to stay with my in-laws as planned. What we didn't really expect, however, was that our town would get a direct hit. We honestly thought Ike would hit south of home, but it continued to creep northeast and will be making landfall shortly, right where we hoped it wouldn't.

We are so thankful to be safe and with family. It's good to be able to be back in my husband's hometown, the town we called home for a few years when we were first married. There are lots of great friends here still and we plan to make the best of the time that we have here. Today we were able to accompany my mother-in-law to the cancer center as she continues her treatment and it was nice to see that she is in good hands!

We have heard from many friends and family members today and it seems that most people got out. We do have a neighbor and some friends nearby who decided to stay, so we are concerned about them and praying for their safety.

We have no idea what will happen at home. Before leaving town we boarded up the doors and windows and tried to pick things up off the floor indoors in case of flooding. We are worried about the very high winds and the storm surge. Our house has never flooded due to heavy rain, but a storm this huge and the associated storm surge are a different story.

As we evacuated, our car was loaded down with our most precious keepsakes - about 10 full photo boxes, all of my scrapbooks, and our computer (which has hundreds more photos). Everything else can be replaced, but it is still very unsettling to leave so much behind. It's completely out of our hands.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for us and keeping up with this storm. My family in SW Louisiana decided to stay put, and as of tonight they still had electricity. I'll try to write another update as we find out more.


Andrea said...

I was thinking about you as I watched the news last night and read it this morning. It looks terrible down there...I feel so bad for ya'll! I really hope your house isn't flooded or damaged. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Stacey, I can only imagine how awful that must be. Not knowing what you will find when you return home. I will be praying of your family!

Stacey said...

Here's a quick update:
Amazingly, our neighbor said that it doesn't appear that our house flooded. He didn't go inside, so we don't know for sure that we are free from water damage. I am so surprised and relieved that our yard wasn't underwater. Not only do we live near the bay, but there is a lake nearby and also a creek! So far it only looks like we lost some shingles and part of our fence.
We can't go home until Tuesday at the earliest. I will write a new post as soon as I can get home and check things out for myself.
Thanks for checking on us!

Kevin and Beth said...

Praying, PRAYING, for you!!!

katdish said...


I'm so glad you are okay. I was praying you were able to get out. I was watching the weather reports from your area right before we lost power. We hunkered down in the master bedroom closet (quite cozy with my hubby, 2 kids, a nervous cat and an obnoxious wiener dog. It was a loud and crazy night, but we were spared much damage - we lost 3 trees out back. It's Saturday night and our power came back on at about 6:00 pm -- an amazing blessing considering how many still are without. I'm praying that you find your house high and dry.

Sunny said...

Stacey, I read your post on SCL and think from what you said that you are Hucklebuck's wife. I think he is hysterical and always love to read his postings. Upon reading more about you, we have tons in common. The easy things are that we are the same age and we married the same month, same year and are still married...and have dealt with infertility. I'd love to catch up more with you sometime. Take care of yourselves. Living in Florida, I understand what's going on with y'all right now. Mucho prayers!

cmb said...

Razzel dazzel my friend.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Praying for you as you trek home!! I hope that everything is ok.