Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home After Ike

Here are a few photos from our house after Hurricane Ike. Our roof lost quite a few shingles.
This is a view of the side yard (that's our house on the left) and the damage to our fence.
This big limb left a large dent in the roof of our little shed in the backyard.
Now we're sporting this lovely blue tarp on the roof - just for protection in case it leaks.

Overall we are very fortunate that this is the worst of our damage. Things are slowly getting back to normal in our area but for some it will be a long time.
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Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Hi, Stacey;
I found your blog from the Stirrups' list. I am so sorry for your losses. My heart breaks for you. Since having my son in Jan'06, I've lost 5 pregnancies with no known cause. I've read your 'interests' page and I think in real life, we would be friends:-) I linked your page to mine so I could keep up with your posts. Blessings to you...

Andrea said...

From what I can see of your house it looks beautiful. That's terrible about the damage, but I'm glad it wasn't worse! It looks like ya'll have a lot of work to do to get things back to normal.

Connie said...

Stace! Your beautiful flowers! :( I know you'll have them looking "spectaculous" again in no time. <3