Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sweetest Thing in My Garden

My sister is a second grade teacher at a private Christian school. Last week she sent me the words to a poem that her class was studying in their readers. This little poem spoke to my heart and brought tears to my eyes (and my sister's, which left her students a bit bewildered!). I think you'll see why it was so special:

The Lily by W.T. Vlymen

The sweetest thing in my garden,
On bush or vine or tree,
Is the snow-white shining Lily
that God has sent to me.
How wise He must be to make it!
How good to put it here,
For me to watch and care for,
So very sweet and dear!
There's nothing more fair and spotless
In all the world I know;
It is fairer than the moonlight,
And whiter than the snow.
I love you, beautiful Lily,
made of the sun and dew,
I wish my heart could always be
spotless and pure, like you.

It almost leaves me speechless, just how perfect this sweet little poem is and how much it reflects this mother's heart.

I have a sixteen-month-old girl who walks (finally) and talks and just today wore her very first set of pigtails -- and oh be still my heart, it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

This little one keeps me busy, busy, busy, from morning until night, but I am forever grateful for the chance to be her Mama.

She absolutely is the "sweetest thing in my garden," my pure and spotless Lily Rae. Thank you, Lord, for letting her grow in my tummy and in my heart.


Amy said...

What a PERFECT poem! You should take one of the pictures of her by your tree and frame it with that poem. So beautiful, and so glad you get to know the sweetest thing in your garden. :)

Amy said...

I just read the poem to Paul and got choked up reading it. That is a true, true gift.

The Sherrill Family said...

Amen indeed!! xoxo

Hope in Virginia said...

I'd frame that poem and put it on her wall!

Connie said...

Oh Dear! Here come the tears again! It is perfect isn't it? XOXO

andreajennine said...


Heather said...

Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you! :)

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gg said...

WOW!!! what a beautiful poem for so many reasons. needs to be hanging in her room somewhere.

Andrea said...

So true...they do grow in our hearts. Such love!

Lily is absolutely growing and is the most beautiful little girl! I know the three of you are having SO MUCH FUN! I wake every day and give thanks for Lleyton, our most precious gift. The struggles made me so much more appreciative and I think I'm even a better parent because I worked so hard to get him.

Keep soaking up her sweetness!


twondra said...

Awww, LOVE the poem! Wow, that really is sooo perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!

Parenthood for Me said...

That is beautiful. I love the pigtails.