Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrating Father's Day

For the first time in my life I got excited about Father’s Day this year. I ordered a special gift weeks in advance and had a hard time keeping quiet about it. I couldn’t wait until the day arrived!

I don’t recall ever spending a Father’s Day with my own dad. It’s possible that I did before the age of seven (when my parents divorced), but I’m pretty sure I never have since. I usually send a card, which I’m never quite sure he receives, and almost always talk to him on the phone on that day for a few minutes. I’m not incredibly close to my dad, but of course I do love him. He’s not perfect, but he is my dad.

My husband’s not perfect either, and I know that as parents we will make mistakes. But, with that being said, he IS pretty amazing! I’ve had a lot of years married to this man to speculate about what kind of daddy he might be if ever given the chance. I knew he’d be great, and it does my heart a world of good to see his relationship with our daughter. It does make me mindful of something I’ve missed out on for 34 years, and it makes me sad for the little girl I was. My daughter, thankfully, has a dad who is sweet, gentle, thoughtful, kind, and loads of fun, and above all, loves the Lord and is completely devoted to his family.

I’ll never have to explain to my daughter why her daddy is never home to spend time with her. It won’t be necessary to explain that alcohol makes her dad do and say things that he shouldn’t. I won’t have to fill the void that has been left in her heart because he abandoned her. I’ll never wipe away tears because she felt like her daddy didn’t care about her or didn’t love her. And by God’s amazing grace, I won’t need to raise her on my own and try to explain to her at the tender age of seven that her daddy is leaving us because he has a new family.

Unlike her mommy, my little girl will spend every day of her life knowing that there is a man who considers her his precious, treasured gift from God. He’ll know her favorite color and which foods she doesn’t like to eat. He’ll know which is her favorite bedtime story, and he’ll never, ever forget her birthday. She is the apple of his eye, and she will always know it. She will go to sleep each night knowing that her mommy and daddy love each other, love her, and will be there for her for as long as we live.

I am beyond grateful this Father’s Day that my daughter has what I didn’t. I’m thrilled that we have a wonderful guy in our lives and that we get to celebrate him on this day and every day. I plan to make sure year after year that Lily Rae knows how incredibly fortunate she is to have the daddy that she does. But I have a feeling she’ll already know.


Amazing Life said...

oh, what a happy day! I have been wanting to write a similar post. It is a gift to see your child have what you longed for and have a man who knows how to be a great father to them and show them the love their Heavenly Father has for them. Lily is one lucky - blessed - little girl!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have had the best day! Love the pictures, they are adorable!

Amy said...

Happy Father's Day, Chuck! You have taken to the job quite nicely, as Lily's smile can attest. :)

Deni said...

Those two are quite a sight to see together--so sweet! And I still can't decide who she looks more like!! While I'm sorry that your relationship with your dad wasn't wonderful, I'm grateful that you found such a great dad for Lily, who is a blessing as a father and husband! I think my hubby is just as wonderful. Happy Father's Day to Chuck!!

twondra said...

Awww, so precious! What a wonderful post. So happy for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

what a great post and sounds like she already has a special place in her daddys heart:)

Indy said...

Thank you for being so honest...I know many can relate with you. My dad isn't perfect either but I love him. I desperately want him to have a relationship with Christ and want to see him become that spiritual leader God has created him to be.
So glad that you were able to celebrate your hubby on that special day.

Rachel said...

Stacy this post struck a nerve...and sadly I have found another thing we have in relationship with my dad is almost exactly as you describe. "...and he will never ever ever forget her birthday..." broke down sobbing....obviously I have unresolved issues.... it just goes to show how important a Dad is in a little girls life. You and I know how important this is and how lucky our little girls are. I tell Zac all the time how careful he has to be with Sophie. Your hubby seems wonderful with you and Lily and I am happy for you and blessed to know you.

Connie said...

Tears are rolling down my cheeks. I am every so thankful that I had you to understand exactly what I was feeling every step of the way. I cannot imagine what childhood would have been like without you! So thankful for Chuck and what a great father and uncle he is! I love you!