Friday, May 8, 2009

May Memories

It occurred to me the other day that this month marks a couple of significant milestones for us.

May 1999: I can't quite believe that in just two weeks it will be 10 years since I graduated from college. It's strange how something can feel like such a long time ago and also like it was just yesterday. I have lots of happy memories of my college days, but I like to reminisce about them mostly because it's where I met my husband. Our entire dating experience was centered around Louisiana Tech University.

We met on campus my freshman year at the Christian organization that we both attended. We formed a friendship while chatting on the rickety computer on the first floor of my dorm. He picked me up for our first date at the dorm room that I shared with my sister during my freshman year. We ate countless meals together in the student center and enjoyed several fun dates at ball games, concerts, and theater events on campus. We got engaged at the beginning of my junior year, and we were married the summer between my junior and senior years.

As much as I enjoyed a lot of my time as a college student, after we got married I found it hard to continue. That last year seemed to drag on while I waited for graduation day to finally come! Getting my degree was important, but I was so eager to focus my time on being a wife. I was ecstatic when that day finally did arrive, and now, somehow, 10 years have gone by. I love to look back on it though, especially to remember the earliest years of getting to know my husband. College life can be pretty stressful, but when I compare it to the things we deal with today it seems like we were so carefree. I don't miss it enough to go back to school by any means! I just miss who I was and what life was like in a simpler time before miscarriage entered my life.

May 2001: It was the 5th of May, 2001 when we moved from Louisiana to Texas. Eight years have gone by since we moved from our home state for a new job opportunity in our neighboring state.

It was later that same year that we decided we wanted to start trying to have a baby. By May of 2002, I was able to surprise my mom with baby news in her Mother's Day card. Just two months later, however, we had our first miscarriage as we were preparing to move into our first home.

May 2008: Last year's May was a crazy month. On May 1st I finally took the plunge and had Lasik surgery. I can't believe a year has gone by since I last put contact lenses in my eyes! It has been pretty amazing. That same week, we had the dishwasher leak that caused us to spend the next 8 or 9 months making repairs and updates to the house (mainly the kitchen). At the end of the month, on the 27th, I started this little blog, which has opened up a new world of ministry, friendship, and support. What a blessing it has been!

May 2009: This month finds us still daily walking the long road of infertility. We have certainly changed a lot in the years I've mentioned here, in some ways good and in some ways bad. Finding hope that we will ever be on the other side of this is harder than ever before, but we make it our goal to find ways to rejoice in this trial.

In just a little over a week, we'll be leaving for a vacation with my family. My sister planned this trip a few months ago with her husband and kids, then decided to turn it into a family trip including the two of us, and my mom, step dad, and brother. We are very excited about spending a week away with family, enjoying the mountains in Tennessee! Something really amazing happened when we were planning the trip. We realized that we would be close enough to meet up with my dear blog friend Beth and her husband Kevin! I can't wait to write more about this in the weeks ahead, but we are so happy to finally meet these friends face to face.

Thankfully, we will be able to look back on this May with warm memories of family and friends.


Andrea said...

It's great to meet another couple who married in college! I was a senior when we got married during fall break. It's also great that you will be able to meet a Blogger buddy too! Have an awesome time on your vacation, definitely post some pictures. :-)

I Believe in Miracles said...

Such a cute post!! I'm hoping May 2009 will be fabulous!! Praying for you friend.

Connie said...

I can hardly contain my excitement! I say we make the yucky ol' boys sleep together and we stay up and talk all night in our bed! Hee, hee...I'm giddy with just the thought of it! :)

Love the pic of LA Tech Centennial Plaza. "Louisiana Tech I love thee..."

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your family holiday Stacey! Yet another thing we share in common, I moved away from my family also 8 years ago, so I know how precious this time is.
Have a blast!

And so it goes (AshaAnn) said...

Don't you find it amazing how significant events or milestones so often fall in the same month, over different years. What a story you have to tell in your journey. Have a great family vacation- what a wonderful idea.

Amy said...

I'm glad you can look back on many Mays, some sad, some happy, and reflect on a long, purposeful journey. You are a huge blessing to all of us, your readers and friends. We love you, Stacey! Hope your vacation is loads of fun!

Tanner's said...

OH MY You are coming!!!!!!! I can hardley wait to see you! Counting down days now!
love ya,