Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow in Texas - And a Little Reminder

So I was pretty skeptical when they said we might get some snow today. It has only snowed at our house here (south of Houston, Texas) one time in the 7 years that we've lived here. That time it was on Christmas Day a couple of years ago and we were so disappointed that we'd missed it! Well today it started sleeting around 6 pm and then we saw some snow flurries. It began to snow and it came down for several hours. I'm writing this after 11 pm and it's still snowing out. I can't believe it! Our yard looks so pretty. Those of you who live in colder climates will most likely laugh but it is such a rare treat for us to see this.

Actually, I had a pretty bad day today. I was letting some things bother me and I was feeling pretty down about infertility and thinking of how much I hate this whole thing. I was grumpy with my husband and I was just so miserable.

Then, it snowed. In Texas. And I forgot about all of that for a few hours and it was like a gift from God. We giggled and played and took pictures all evening long. It's a funny thing: we have these big wooden letters in our front yard that spell JOY. My husband's grandparents made them for us a few years ago and we love to put them out at Christmas, with the nativity scene in the middle of the "O". I have this big reminder on my front lawn, and I felt like God was pointing me to it today. He used snow to draw me outside and give me a simple little message that was just what I needed today. Joy. Even when I'm not happy, I can still find joy in Him.

*Update: By the way, God, thanks for sending that snow to my nephews in Louisiana a few hours later. It's the first time they'd ever seen snow before. But you knew that already. They were thrilled!


kirke said...

What beautiful pictures! We see snow a bit more up north, but it never fails to make me feel cozy and peaceful. Unless I'm on the road. Then it makes me feel nervous and anxious :)

Anonymous said...

Aaah that's so beautiful!!! And a reminder that we really do live worlds apart. Its 35 degrees centigrade here at the moment. BOILING for Christmas and you have snow!!
Joy indeed, what a beautiful reminder!

katdish said...

Awwwww! No fair! We just got some tiny ice chips that didn't stick to the ground. But that's cool for ya'll. I love your JOY sign, but I'm a little bummed that your hubby's grandpa made it because I was going to ask you where you bought it. I suppose I'll just go driving around looking for Christmas yard art brokers. That's probably my favorite of all the nativity scenes (or as my friend's boss call them "barn sets") that I've seen. Alright, enough of my rambling. I'm glad your day ended on a high note!

wv: pyrot - a really bad spelling of pirate.

Alicia said...

Such pretty pictures! I love the JOY and the nativity scene in the middle. I'm happy to here that the God sent snow brought you joy! How fun. I'm sorry that you were feeling glum, glad the snow brought joy, joy, joy to your heart! My husband and I still once and a while through around the idea of moving to Houston because it NEVER gets cold there. He hates the cold, I like it but oddly enough I get an allergic reaction to the cold! Seriously, I'm allergic to the cold and snow, I get hives and everything. No snow ball fights for me. Any way God bless!!! Have fun with all that white stuff :)

Teresa said...

I am literally amazed that it snowed down there and in Louisiana too! Crazy.

Ok this is my next prayer request. If God can make it snow in Texas and Louisiana, will He PLEEEEEASE make a warm ocean and beach in the middle of Colorado? That would be fabulous! Hehe

I love your decorations, you're right...your yard looks beautiful! I'm glad your spirits were lifted by that yesterday Stacey :)

Andrea said...

That's so beautiful!! I love your Christmas decorations and they look perfect all dusted in snow. Your reminder from God is also beautiful, thanks for sharing it!

Amy said...

Your snow is beautiful! I'm so glad you got to get out and play in it and enjoy this gift from God. I love snow, and amazingly enough, we are still waiting on a snow like that in IL. Maybe God is holding out on us in vengeance because our Governor is a bad, bad man. :) I keep holding out hope, though. Hang in there, girl....I am so glad that you can see little gifts and blessings from God, even on the bad days.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I absolutely love your pictures. The JOY is amazing. It is beautiful, but with the snow on top, it's breathtaking.

I love the reminder of the precious gifts God give us.


Jenn said...

Looks like a picture "somewhere else" but it is your home! God is so good and faithful!

Connie said...

So Beautiful! I love you! xoxo

Helen said...

Hi Stacey. We may have met on Katdish's blog. When she mentioned your struggle with infertility, well, I relate to that. Twelve years of marriage. Wanted kids right away. After several years we go to specialist. Not gonna happen (without a miracle anyway. I can't seem to stop hoping for miracles).
Christmas can be hard on me as well. I used to love the song "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" from Handel's Messiah. Now I can barely type the title.
Anyway, I hope I didn't make you more sad. If I did, ignore me. I know you don't need that. But sometimes I like to reach to people with the same issues. It makes me feel less alone.