Thursday, August 19, 2010

Showers of Blessing

Since I last wrote a blog post we had our fourth and final baby shower, had some maternity pictures taken, and I'm now quickly approaching 35 weeks. Although the proof is all around us, I still find it completely amazing that I will soon be nine months pregnant.

Our baby girl has been growing quite a bit over these last couple of weeks. I've noticed a huge change in the size of my belly even though I gained only one pound in the two weeks between my last OB visits. At yesterday's appointment, the doctor said the baby is a good size and her heartbeat is still sounding great. My blood pressure remains in the normal range and I couldn't be more grateful that this pregnancy has gone so smoothly. I think even when I would let myself imagine what it would be like to finally carry a baby for this long, I never dreamed it would be possible for me to experience a largely stress-free (at least for the last two trimesters) pregnancy after all we'd been through up to this point. Thank you, Lord!

My next appointment will be in two weeks and from there I'll begin seeing the doctor every week. Believe it or not, that means only THREE more OB visits until baby time! Unbelievable.

I will share some of our favorites from the maternity pics in the next post, but today I have a few from the last baby shower. This one was our local shower with mostly church friends, a few family members, and a few Louisiana friends who now also live in Texas. My precious friend Meagan did a fantastic job putting all of it together! It was beautiful and it was another very special day of celebration for our little Lily girl that will be in my heart forever.
Here are some photos from the day, August 7. (I was 33 weeks.)

Sweet, sweet little birdie cake!

Food and decorations. (We got to keep all of the adorable outfits that were hanging all around the room!)

Me with shower hostess and wonderful friend, Meagan.

Chuck and me :)

With my dear friends/family from home. That's me in the middle and my sister next to me with the dark hair. The two friends on either end are two of my oldest and dearest friends all the way since grade school. The lovely lady in the multi-colored blouse is a teacher/friend from my high school. It was so sweet to have them all there!

Each and every baby shower we've had the honor of having has been so precious to me. I can hardly find the words to say how much they have all meant to us and were more than we could have hoped for. Thank you to our friends and family for celebrating this miracle with us and praying us through to this point. We love you!


Andi said...

Yay!!!! Lily's almost here!!! Glad I was able to be at one of the showers to help celebrate her. And your friend Meagan did do a fantastic job! It was adorable. That denim outfit with the multi-colored billowy top is still my fave!

andreajennine said...

35 weeks; wow! Looks like an adorable baby shower.

Birdie said...

I just love the little birdie cake!!! And I think it's so cute that Chuck wore pink! :) I'm so happy for you!!!

belle said...

my goodness what a perfectly coordinated shower!!!!!!! it's gorgeous!!!!!! does she do that for a living??????????? or is she just related to martha stewart????? wow!!!!!!

and you are just too cute with your pregnant self;D can't wait to see lily pictures!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Love all of these pictures. I really, really want to see the official pregnancy pics! I'm sure they are beautiful! These updates...the showers....the gifts...I am in awe of how quickly this has gone by. You will soon have her in your arms!!! Enjoy these last few weeks of your tummy jumping all around. You'll miss it. :)

Hope in Virginia said...

Four showers! What a blessed little mommy you are :) I love that cake. These last few weeks will feel like they last forever but little Lily will be here so soon. Get ready to have your world rocked!

Andrea said...


Happy 35 weeks! When I look at you smiling and think of your story it reaffirms my FAITH.

And how very sweet of your friends to do such a beautiful shower. That is the cutest cake I have ever seen!!

Much Love and many prayers as you cross the finish line.

Jenn said...

I agree w/Belle...I thought it was adorable that Chuck wore pink! What an awesome honor to have had as many showers as y'all had. But it just shows how much y'all are loved :)

Sunny said...

what an adorable cake! So glad that you were showered with blessings yet again. :)

beth ewing said...

it warms my heart like no other to see you enjoying this pregnancy and being showered and cherished. you've watched and rejoiced with so many (myself included) and it's just so nice to be able to do the same for you. can't wait to see sweet lily and watch you cherish motherhood.

Connie said...

:) I'm so glad I got to spend that weekend with you! XOXO

Amazing Life said...

You have have some of the most beautiful showers for Lily! Amazing generousity! Everyone wants to celebrate her and for good reason!!!

So glad your pregnancy has been so good for you in these last two trimesters - your joy is coming through in your smile! Love it and cannot wait to meet Lily one day and see her beautiful face!

twondra said...

I love seeing all your pictures of the showers so much! You deserve it all! I can't believe how fast time has flown!!

Anonymous said...

it's so exciting! I can't believe it's almost nine months already. The cake is so adorable!!

Jo said...

Looks like you had another beautiful shower for your little Lily. You looked beautiful by the way! And what an amazing cake!!!